CNC Saw Blade Sharpening Service

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We have invested over $2 million dollars in CNC sharpening equipment so that we can provide superior service, quality, and consistency to our customers. We offer same day service to ensure your blades are back in your facility in a timely manner. We sharpen blades that range in diameter from 60mm to 1250mm (2 ½”-49”).

Solution K850

The saw sharpening machine solution K850 is the ideal machine for fully automatic complete machining of metal-cutting circular saws.

State-of-the-art machine control facilitates the separation of machine set-up and machine operation. Within minutes, the machine programmer sets up all saws for sharpening. The machine operator only needs to load the saws and push the start button. The machine takes care of the rest.

Like the KSC series the K850 utilizes direct drive grinding technology to provide maximum performance while eliminating vibrations.

The machine can automatically grind the chamfers after re-sharpening or re-toothing of saws.

An additional saw support device at the grinding point ensures completely symmetrical chamfering even on blades that are not perfectly plane.

Our CNC Sharpening Service Difference

Cold Saw Blade Store has been providing cold saw blades and CNC sharpening for over 30 years. Each time a customer has a saw blade sharpened by the Cold Saw Blade Store, they can experience the same precision cut and life of a brand new saw blade. If you are having problems with saw blade life or cutting precision, its probably time to have your blades sharpened by the best in the business, Cold Saw Blade Store.