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Our wide range of metalworking cold saws helps ensure that you can find the best circular cold saw for your needs, whether you’re doing one-off projects in your garage or heavy industrial production.

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  • CS-400AV

    Automatic Cold Saw CS-410AV

    $55,148.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    We designed this automatic cold saw to make large volumes of ripple-free cuts in non-ferrous material, like aluminum. A 3,630-pound steel frame ensures a long lifetime of accuracy.

    • This non-ferrous cold saw runs at 3,200 rpm to cut soft metals.
    • Accepts up to an 18” blade.
    • Non-mitering column head gives you a true 90° on every cut.
    • 5 hp motor turns blade through its gear-driven head and runs on on 220 volt 3-phase power.
    • 3 hp motor powers the industrial-grade hydraulic system, which controls the vise and the blade gap compensation device.
  • CS-475AV

    Automatic Cutoff Saw CS-475AV

    $45,193.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    Cutting stock to length all day, every day? With this automatic cold saw, you just input the number and length you want. The machine handles the rest! A steel frame ensures pristine cuts.

    • The CS-475AV automatic cutoff saw accepts up to a 17” blade.
    • Cuts up to 4.92” tube.
    • 4 blade speeds (35, 60, 70, and 120 rpm) let you make quality cuts in many kinds of material.
    • 5 hp blade motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
    • Non-mitering column design gives this circular saw the structural strength to make burr-free cuts in large material.
  • CS-275SA

    Chop Saw CS-275SA

    $7,534.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    This semi-automatic, 3 phase cold saw will save time while making large amounts of pristine cuts. Built to last, this Baileigh chop saw offers a cast iron head and base, a pneumatic vise, and a flood coolant system.

    • Accepts an 11” blade.
    • Maximum capacity of 2.75” round tube at 90°.
    • Cuts thin-, medium-, or thick-walled pipe, as well as tubing, extrusions, and solid bar stock.
    • Miters 45° right and 90° left, perfect for slotting applications.
    • You can switch between 2 operating speeds, 60 and 120 rpm, depending on your application.
  • CS-315EU

    Circular Cold Saw CS-315EU

    $2,980.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    Why is the manual CS-315EU our best-selling industrial cold saw? Because we designed it to make reliably perfect, mill-like cuts for many years—at a price that won’t break the bank.

    • Accepts a 12.5” blade (included).
    • 4” round tube capacity at 90°.
    • Miters 45° to the left and right.
    • Spins at 52 rpm to cut through solids, tubing, or pipe.
    • Perfect for cutting mild steel, but can handle other material with the proper blade.
    • Strong 2.5 hp motor coupled with a direct-drive gearbox, lets the blade cut the material chatter-free, increasing blade life.
  • CS-350EU

    Circular Cold Saw CS-350EU

    $5,330.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    This variable-speed manual cold saw will make burr-free cuts in larger pieces of material. The cast iron base and flood coolant system help the saw stay accurate for many years.

    • Circular cold saw takes a 14” blade (included).
    • 4.7” round tube capacity at 90°.
    • Cold saw machine cuts through solids, tubing, and pipe.
    • Miters 45° left and right and can slot perpendicular to the material.
    • Finetune the variable speed from 24 to 120 rpm to improve cut quality.
  • CS-350M

    Circular Cold Saw CS-350M

    $8,020.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    The CS-350M metal cutting saw is the best cold saw on the market for its price. It makes pristine cuts and includes features you won’t find on competing saws, like a self-centering vise and coolant system.

    • Accepts a 14” blade.
    • 4.25” round tube capacity at 90°.
    • Miters 45° right and 90° left, perfect for slotting applications.
    • 2 blade speeds: 26 and 52 rpm. Switch between them to cut a variety of materials.
    • Robust 4 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • CS-250EU

    Cold Saw CS-250EU

    $2,315.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    What makes the CS-250EU special? It’s manual and portable, but it can tackle medium production in fab shops. This manual cold saw will give you pristine cuts without breaking the bank.

    • Takes a 10” blade (included).
    • Maximum capacity of 2.5” round tube at both 90° and 45°.
    • Spins at 54 rpm, perfect for most metals.
    • Powered by 110 volts, so you can plug it into any household outlet.
    • European-style vise, with cam lock device, makes for fast loading and unloading of material, great for production.
  • CS-275EU

    Cold Saw CS-275EU

    $2,640.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    The CS-275EU circular manual cold saw machine makes pristine cuts as only a cold saw can. It’s ideal for light metal fabrication and chassis. A cast iron base and flood coolant system ensure a long lifetime of use.

    • Accepts an 11” blade (included).
    • 3.25” round tube capacity at 90°, big enough for just about any chassis project.
    • Miters up to 45° left and right.
    • Dual-mitering head lets you tackle various shapes and materials like pipe, angle iron, and solid bar.
    • Blade turns at 54 rpm.
    • Robust 1.5 hp motor runs on 110-volt power, so you can use it anywhere.
  • CS-350SA

    Cut Off Saw CS-350SA

    $12,637.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    This semi-automatic cold saw cutting machine makes pristine cuts on a production scale. Its pneumatic vise and automatic return save you time.

    • Accepts a massive 14” blade.
    • 4.33” round tube capacity at 90°.
    • You can switch between 2 speeds, 26 and 52 rpm, depending on your material.
    • 4 hp motor runs the direct-drive blade and requires 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • CS-350P

    Manual Cold Saw CS-350P

    $8,628.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    Ever wish you had an extra hand to help clamp material in a vise? This metal cutting cold saw offers a foot pedal-controlled pneumatic vise to solve that problem and speed up production.

    • Manual cold saw accepts a 14” blade.
    • Maximum capacity of 4.25” round tube at 90°.
    • 2 blade speeds: 26 or 52 rpm.
    • Choice of rpm lets you switch speeds to fit your material and get a better cut.
    • Miters 45° left and 90° right, a total of 135°, great for jobs that involve slotting.
    • 4 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • CS-355M

    Manual Cold Saw CS-355M

    $8,628.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    Need to cut a lot of aluminum or copper? The CS-355M high-speed cold saw turns at 3,200 rpm, perfect for making pristine cuts in soft metals without gumming up the blades.

    • Accepts up to 14” blade.
    • Maximum capacity of 4.25” round tube at 90°.
    • Miters 45° right and 90° left, great for slotting applications.
    • 5.5 hp motor drives a belt pulley system to achieve maximum RPMs as efficiently as possible.
    • Runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
    • We based the design on our CS-350M cold saw, known for its reliability over many years of cutting.
  • CS-225M

    Manually Operated Cold Saw CS-225M

    $1,320.00 Email Us
    (800) 397-8511

    The CS-225M makes burr-free cuts like only a cold saw can. This portable benchtop saw has a cast base and a flood coolant system, often found only on more expensive models.

    • Accepts a 9” blade (included).
    • It’s our smallest cold saw.
    • 2.5” round tube maximum capacity at 90°.
    • Miters up to 45° to the left.
    • Spins at 50 rpm, optimal for cutting many different kinds of materials.
    • Cuts tubing, pipe, angle iron, solids, and much more.