Cold Saws

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  • CS-275M

    Manually Operated Cold Saw CS-275M

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    Need a circular cold saw to make perfect cuts—every shift, every day? You can rely on the CS-275M. It comes with a self-centering vise, steel stand, and flood coolant system.

    • Accepts an 11” blade.
    • 2.75” round tube capacity at 90°.
    • Miters 45° right and 90° left, perfect for slotting applications.
    • 3 hp motor requires 220 volt 3-phase power.
    • Choose from 2 speeds depending on your material: between 60 rpm (mild steel) and 120 rpm (aluminum).
    • Direct-drive head features all-metal gears, ground and hardened to last for many years.
    • Backlash adjustment ensures tight tolerances throughout the life of the saw.
  • CS-355SA

    Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Cold Saw CS-355SA

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    Cutting production runs of aluminum or copper? Need pristine results? This semi-automatic cold saw runs at a high speed to make cuts with ripple-free edges every time.

    • Accepts up to a 14” blade.
    • Turns at 3,200 rpm, perfect for cutting soft metals known for gumming up blades.
    • Maximum capacity of 4.25” round tube at 90°.
    • Miters 45° right and 90° left.
    • 5.5 hp high-speed motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • CS-485SA

    Semi-automatic Cold Saw CS-C485SA

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    This vertical column cold saw weighs an impressive 1,898 lbs. That steel construction lets you cut heavy materials and produce a machined-like surface that doesn’t need clean-up.

    • Accepts up to a 16.5” blade.
    • Miters 45° left and 60° right, perfect for tubing, angle iron, and channel applications.
    • Yaskawa® inverter drive controls the variable speed from 40 to 240 rpm.
    • 5 hp blade motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
    • Hardened and ground 2” slideways are attached to the solid column for durability and trouble-free movement.
  • CS-425SA

    Semi-automatic Column Cold Saw CS-C425SA

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    Built from steel and cast iron, this semi-automatic cold saw will last for decades. All industrial-grade components, like the gearbox, hydraulics, and coolant system, keep cuts accurate.

    • Accepts a maximum 17” blade.
    • Miters 45° left and 60° right, perfect for angle iron and channel.
    • You can switch between 4 cutting speeds (35, 60, 70, and 120 rpm) to fit your material.
    • 5 hp blade motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
    • Cutting head rides up and down heavy slideway tracks, hardened and ground to offer the most accurate cuts in the industry.
  • CS-70NC

    Tungsten Carbide Saw CS-70NC

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    This fully automatic carbide cold saw, our smartest model, is accurate to .002”. The touchscreen controls, hydraulic vise, and infeed table with sensors make large-scale production fast and easy.

    • 2.75” round tube maximum capacity.
    • Includes 11” blade with tungsten carbide inserts that improve cut quality.
    • Tungsten carbide dissipates heat, helping blades last longer and stay sharp.
    • Inverter-driven variable speed ranges from 17 to 200 rpm.
    • Designed to cut tool-grade steel, heavy wall tubing, solid high alloy, carbon, and non-ferrous materials accurately and efficiently.
    • Mighty 10 hp blade motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.