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8″- 12″$16.00 ea.
13″ – 14″$18.00 ea.
15″- 16″$20.00 ea.
17″ – 18″$22.00 ea.
19″ – 20″$24.00 ea.


Include Sharpening Sheet above w/ Blades

High Volume sharpening pricing available upon request…

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Carbide Tipped Saw Blade Sharpening

Carbide-tipped saw blades are sharpened on the finest grinding machines using ultra-fine diamond grit wheels. Blades are inspected, flattened (if necessary), polished, sharpened, and dipped in protective wax. Some blades are retoothed to replace broken or missing tips. Extremely tight and accurate grinding tolerances ensure your blade cuts like new or even better. Minimal carbide removal allows for some blades to be sharpened as many as fifteen to twenty times before the blade needs replacing, compounding savings on each blade while maintaining like-new performance.

Cold Saw Blade Sharpening

Cold saw blades are sharpened on German-manufactured CNC sharpeners, ensuring that each blade is sharpened to extremely tight tolerances to a super fine finish. CBN grinding wheels produce consistent tooth shape and finish to achieve maximum cutting life between sharpenings. Poorly sharpened blades will dull prematurely while properly ground cold saw blades cut like new, without the expense.

HSS and Steel Saw Blade Sharpening

Steel saw blades are sharpened on the same state-of-the-art CNC grinders as cold saw blades and feature the same quality and consistency. Minimal steel removal allows for some blades to be sharpened as many as twenty times before replacing the blade, bringing new blade performance back to your old blade without the new blade cost.

Reviving Your Tools: Expert Cold Saw Blade Sharpening Services in the United States

The Importance of Cold Saw Blade Sharpening

Cold saw blades are essential for many industries across the United States. From construction to manufacturing, these blades play a pivotal role in ensuring precision and efficiency. However, like all tools, they wear out over time. This is where the expertise of “Cold Saw Blade Store” comes into play.

Why Sharpening is Crucial

Dull blades compromise the quality of your cuts and put undue stress on your machinery. Regular sharpening ensures:

  • Precision: Sharp blades guarantee accurate cuts every time.
  • Efficiency: Less force is required, leading to faster operations.
  • Longevity: Proper maintenance extends the life of your blade.

Signs Your Blade Needs Sharpening

  • Rough or uneven cuts
  • Excessive chipping
  • Increased machinery noise

Cold Saw Blade Store: The U.S. Sharpening Experts

At Cold Saw Blade Store, we understand the intricacies of blade sharpening. Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure your blades are in top condition.

Our Sharpening Process

  1. Inspection: Every blade is thoroughly examined for wear and damage.
  2. Flattening: We ensure the blade is perfectly flat for optimal performance.
  3. Sharpening: We bring your blade back to life using ultra-fine diamond grit wheels.
  4. Final Check: Post-sharpening, blades are inspected to guarantee perfection.

Specialized Services for Different Blades

We cater to all blade types, whether carbide tip saw blade sharpening, HSS, or steel.

The Cold Saw Blade Store Difference

What sets us apart from competitors?

  • Experience: Years of expertise in the industry.
  • Quality: We never compromise on the quality of our services.
  • Turnaround: Quick services ensure minimal downtime for your operations.

Tips for Maximizing Blade Life

  • Regularly inspect your blades for signs of wear.
  • Use the right blade for the right material.
  • Ensure proper storage to prevent damage.

Reach Out to Us

Are you seeking expert cold saw blade sharpening services in the United States? Look no further than Cold Saw Blade Store & Grand Blanc Industries. Contact us today!

Where is there cold saw blade sharpening near me? is avaible to sharpen your cold saw blades, carbide tipped blade sharpening and more. is the choice for cold saw blade sharpening service near me for machinists nationwide.

What is the cold saw blade sharpening cost from Cold Saw Blade Store?

Prices range from $15-23 each blade. However, we offer loyal customers and large quantity discounts. Contact us or simply request a cold saw blade sharpening service quote.

Where can I get saw blades sharpened? and Grand Blanc Industries offer the best quality and price for any saw blade sharpening job. Sharpening saw blades and sharpening carbide saw blades for nearly 40 years, they’re the industry choice.

How long does a cold cut saw blade last?

The lifespan of a cold cut saw blade can vary depending on various factors such as the type of material being cut, the blade quality, usage frequency, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained cold cut saw blade can last between 500 and 1,500 cuts. However, it’s important to regularly inspect the blade for any signs of wear or damage and replace it when necessary to ensure optimal cutting performance and safety.

How many teeth do you need for a cold saw blade?

A typical cold saw blade requires around 60 to 120 teeth for optimal performance.

How to sharpen carbide saw blade?

Contact the experts at

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