350mm Cold Saw Blades [14 inch Cold Saw Blades]

350mm Cold Saw Blades (14 inch Cold Saw Blades)

Cold Saw Blade Store ushers in unrivaled saw blade quality to provide customers blades that offer meticulous craftsmanship meets innovative technology in the form of our 350mm Cold Saw Blades [14 inch Cold Saw Blades]. At the Cold Saw Blade Store, we present to you a collection that is not just a tool but a promise of precision, durability, and unmatched quality in every cut.

Precision in Every Rotation

Why Choose Our 350mm Cold Saw Blades?

When it comes to achieving flawless, precise cuts, our 350mm Cold Saw Blades stand out in the industrial arena. But what makes them the preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike?

  • TIALN Coated Blades: Our 350mm TIALN Coated Blades are designed to resist wear and friction, ensuring a longer blade life and consistent, clean cuts.
  • Carbide Tip Blades: The 350mm Carbide Tip (Non-Ferrous) Saw Blades are crafted to deliver precise cuts on non-ferrous metals, ensuring minimal waste and optimal performance.
  • M2 HSS Blades: High-speed steel (M2 HSS) blades offer a balance of hardness and toughness, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of cutting through various materials.

The 350mm marvel

Elevate Your Cutting Experience with 350mm Cold Saw Blades

Why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your cutting experience with our 350mm (14-inch) Cold Saw Blades?

  • Versatility: Ideal for various applications, ensuring you have a blade that can handle diverse cutting needs.
  • TIALN Coating: The 14-inch TIALN Coated Saw Blades provide an extra layer of durability, ensuring each cut is smooth and wear on the blade is minimized.
  • Carbide Tip: Our 14-inch Carbide Tip (Non-Ferrous) Saw Blades are your go-to solution for cutting non-ferrous metals with precision and ease.

Unwavering Quality, Unmatched Performance

The Cold Saw Blade Store Promise

At the Cold Saw Blade Store, we donโ€™t just sell blades; we deliver a promise of unwavering quality and unmatched performance. Our blades are crafted to provide optimal results, ensuring your projects are not just completed but masterfully executed.

  • Price Match Guarantee: We ensure you get the best prices online, and we're ready to match or beat competitor prices.
  • Expert Assistance: Have a query or need assistance? Reach out to us via email or call us today at 1-800-397-8511.
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What Materials Can the 350mm and 14-Inch Blades Cut?

Our range of 350mm and 14-inch blades are adept at cutting non-ferrous metals, providing a clean, precise cut every time.

How Do I Choose Between TIALN Coated and Carbide Tip Blades?

TIALN Coated Blades offer enhanced wear resistance, while Carbide Tip Blades are ideal for non-ferrous metals, providing a precise cut with minimal waste.

Can I Get My Blades Sharpened at the Cold Saw Blade Store?

Yes, we offer cold saw blade sharpening services, ensuring your blades are always in peak cutting condition.

Your Next Cutting-Edge Solution Awaits

Embark on a journey where each cut mirrors perfection, and every blade tells a story of unparalleled quality and precision. Dive into a world where your projects are brought to life with the utmost accuracy and your craftsmanship is elevated by the superior performance of our 350mm and 14-inch Cold Saw Blades.

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