300mm-2.5mm-32mm M2 HSS Saw Blade


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A steam treated saw blade is made from M2 tool steel and are heat treated and hardened to 63/65 HRc. Steam treated circular saw blades handle all structural steels and non-alloy tool steel with the tensile strength up to 700 N / mm2. They are mainly used for cutting steel on manual and semi-automatic sawing machines. They cut materials such as tubes, profiles, solids, extrusions, billets, bars, ingots, castings, and forgings. These blades are typically run at surface speeds lower than 350 SFM. All blades come with standard hubs and pinholes unless otherwise requested. All blades are toothed up according to your application. We would be happy to give you a tooth recommendation upon request. MOST BLADES ARE SHIPPED OUT THE SAME DAY THEY ARE ORDERED! Pinholes: 2/8/45 + 2/11/63
Scotchman Cold SawsScotchman cold saws are well-known for durability and precision.
Haberle SawsHaberle cold saws are German-engineered for top-performance.
Doringer SawsDoringer specializes in circular cold saws.
Brobo Cold SawsAustralian-made, high-quality saws
Dake Cold SawsDake offers a wide and versatile range of cold saws.
Baileigh Cold SawsBaileigh is known for industrial-grade machinery for metalworking.
Jet Cold SawsHaberle cold saws are German-engineered for top performance.

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Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in

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